We stopped renting and bought a house.

Exciting changes happened over here! In notes of frustration, we got so wound up with increased rent. With that, I am delighted to finally share that we told the land lord “au revoir”, moved out and moved in with our parents whilst waiting to complete the purchase of our new house here in the surburbs of London.

Frankly, I should have written about the process then but due to how things went when buying, we didn’t want to share/ had the brain capacity to share until the deal was DONE! In a nutshell, a friend knew a friend who was estate agent manager of the house wanted… 🙂

The gist.

God works in miraculous ways. That year we bought, we told God we NEED a house, we wrote it down and He just worked everything out in a way that He takes absolute glory. We acted in faith. We began hunting and narrowing down. We knew the area we wanted to live in and we really wanted to be in close proximity to our family so that was a defining factor. That year, we went to viewings and open houses and either got:

  1. knocked out by other buyers enormous bids when we placed offers
  2. houses that we did liked but not totally in love with
  3. fabulous houses, but resided in neighbourhoods where I would break out in sweat of fear (don’t judge me!)
  4. houses which the photos lie, lie, lie.
  5. houses which we didn’t even get to see because it was already under offer although we booked to see around 7am in morning after the night it was put on the market. I think people offered without seeing the houses around 3am!

I believe that everything works out for a reason! This house came up, and John’s second job was a professional Zoopla Site Scanner! He STILL looks at houses today! We went to see it, and before we even saw the front door, we were already IN LOVE. The birds welcomed John, I saw a double fronted house and pink ‘bushes’ and I was sold. To reduce ‘noise’, we didn’t tell everyone when we were searching, but we told a few friends and family who know would pray with us (ahem, parents can praaaayyyyy). Soon after we saw our home, we mentioned it to one amazing friend who her and her husband knew the manager and and they went out of their way to make sure the house came off the market by proving we were serious.

I am truly amazed and super grateful to God. This is why I am journaling this, one to encourage you and also to encourage us. Never to forget the goodness and benefits of Jesus. He literally directs the steps of a good man and woman. :p

You too can be a homeowner.

So my tips to stop renting and buy in suburbs of London?

  1. Pretty please, do not get emotionally attached to anything! “It is what it is.” What is meant for you will work out well and you will enjoy your own little miracle.
  2. Be prepared to go for the ride! Some frustrations. Some dreaming. But definite joy at the end.
  3. Take time to define where you want to live, in terms of area, house, flat, stable and then even further, define and prioritise your requirements for example your minimum number of bedrooms/bathrooms needed‘. Then check out prices, low and top end. This helps to manage your expectations. Also, some vendors like to overprice their houses so gauging the price helps you to make a decision.
  4. Move out of your rented place as soon as you can, if you can and save cash for a deposit. Assuming you had no savings, saving £2000 a month for 15 months gives you £30,000. Move in with family. We did this, even with a baby. We are so grateful that my parents had the space and the willingness to let us live for “free”. Just be prepared to be a child again…their house, their rules! :p
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk to God and those you can trust. Write it down as a goal. Oh, and have fabulous friends who have amazing friends too!

I wrote a ton here and I respect you for even reading to this point. Best part of our new house was that it was a do-er upper. We bought the worst house on the best street. That is another tip, ask a few agents for the best 3 streets in your chosen area. We did plan to decorate bit by bit, however, we got shoe horned into doing a relatively big renovation at once. It is certainly not done, but we are sharing what we have done so far.

Finally you can also check out our post on why we chose the house we bought.

Keep posted!



  1. Emmanuel Patterson
    June 8, 2020 / 9:22 am

    This blog is wonderful. So clean, quality and informative 😍

      • June 8, 2020 / 4:55 pm

        Congratulations. I have learnt a lot. What about pictures?

  2. June 8, 2020 / 4:30 pm

    Number 1 tip on how I can be a homeowner is hard,God help me. I wasn’t till now

  3. Anon
    June 9, 2020 / 6:22 pm

    Congrats!!! This is awesome

  4. Ama
    June 10, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    Great post – beautiful and useful!!

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