My name is Esther

My name is Esther. My name is also Maeyen, which means child of love. I probably have about 50 others names, owing to my Nigerian heritage. I am also a disciple. A pretty imperfect one, but on a mission to use design to share love and bring about warmth. There is no better time and medium to share my story, which truly is more about family, faith and interior design.

This is blog journals stories about creating a meaningful and beautiful family life woven through interiors because home is truly a melting pot of personalities, histories and desire for the future. Some posts may be rich in our history, my experience in life, some deep, some light hearted but driven by a desire to bring a sense of belonging to everyone in our home. After all, I am a child of love.

The motivation

The wise woman builds her house

Proverbs 14:1

The world can be pretty cold, even in the blazing summer sun. Whilst the darkness can cast shadows and raise fears, it is not the night that kills, but its the chilling frost! People are living in pain, yet we naturally hide our eyes to them and numb their cries by surrounding ourselves with people who only make us comfortable for the fear of social injury. We encourage toxicity in our homes by being quiet and distant. We let our love wax rock hard cold and our children carry on the tradition of ice cold love. We translate home to only mean our nuclear family, and yes, our nuclear family is priority but can it transcend to others, to make them feel included? Actually, let not get too far, a beautiful home is more than beautiful vases and the plushest sofa, its the investment in the children and other family members that really makes the sofa plush. Whilst we are sharing our home and how we went about our renovation and interior styling, deep behind it all is to encourage you to create a haven which is safe from our very unsafe and unstable world. Let us build our homes.

There is home inside us. A defining safe place, a place of warmth and healing. Interior success for our family is a place void of the mentality of pursuing pleasure, success and material treasures. Not that you won’t find the most beautiful tile we can afford, or the most considered design, you will. Whilst we open up, design our home to be serene and functional, with a nod to classical timeless modern romantic cumulation, we want to bring out the home that is truly inside us. Love.

I know, it’s a weird “about me”, however, that is truly about me in nutshell and this is probably why I am here for a time like this. Passionate about a home that is considered, a home of belonging and of place of a positive difference today.

Come as you are.

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