making a raised bed planter

These raised beds were made as part of the Grands Garden project. I, John, made 5 raised beds in total of various sizes below:
H47.5cm D90cm L120cm
H47.5cm D90cm L150cm
H47.5cm D90cm L180cm
H47.5cm D90cm L300cm
H47.5cm D90cm L300cm

I used reclaimed scaffold boards as they are not only good for the environment but they also work out cheaper. The downside however is it takes a little time prepping the wood before it can be used.

Scaffold boards 22.5cm thickness
47x47mm timber posts
65mm decking screws

Mitre saw
Table saw
Orbital sander
Impact driver
Spirit level

I started off by cutting the scaffold boards to make the side panels. I would be placing 2 panels on top of each other to give Make a total height of 45cm. I could have added an additional board to increase the height further but that would mean not just more wood but also more soil.

Once all panels were cut to the right measurements, I started cutting the braces for the corners and also to hold the two boards in the middle. The braces will help provide support and keep the side panels together.

The next task was to assemble the side panels. For the short sides, I placed 2 braces on either side of both panels and screws them in using 65mm decking screws. You will notice I didn’t place the corner braces right on the end of the panel but left a space so the long sides can slot in. For the long sides I added an additional brace in the middle for better support of the panels. Once all 4 sides of the raised beds were built, I sanded it down using 80 grit paper and then 120 grit paper.

The pine wood had a lot of knots so prior to painting I used a primer-sealer to seal the wood to prevent the paint from bleeding through the knots and creating a not so nice Finnish.

We were gifted a lovely eco paint by Little Greene. The paint included a primer so we thinned the paint by adding one part water to two part paint to apply the first coat to the bare wood. We then rubbed it down with 120 grit paper and applied a second coward. We repeated the same steps for a third coat.

We then made a return for the top of the raised beds using the scaffold boards we used for gr side panels. We ripped the wood in half using our table saw, prepared the wood and painted in the same way as the side panels.

Our raised beds were now preassembled and ready for final installation on Site.

Installing the raised beds was quite straight forward. We simply Screws in the side panels together using our green decking screws which matched perfectly with the paint (by chance really).


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