house before tour: the garden

How blessed is this space? Wide, and full of potential to play! How do I describe the garden? The space was arranged in very low but super wide raised beds, perfect for someone who is super experienced at gardening. However, we are yet to gain our green thumb shiny gold badge, hence, we had to transform this space!

This garden has so many outbuildings! A shed, two mini looking outbuildings and two garages. We were also blessed with a whole host of beautiful shrubs and trees including a Camellia tree and Apple tree. Our next door neighbour did explain to us that our previous occupant was an avid gardener, and planted a host of different herbs, including banana mint and apple mint. She also had blueberries, black berries, gooseberries and all these berries that we didn’t get to identify. I seriously wish we had gone through the garden with a plant identifying app. She even kept bees.

We knew we wanted to create a multi zonal garden, a space for eating, socialising, hobbies and alone time.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey of transforming this garden space.


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