house before tour: the bathroom + upstairs wc

Our bathroom before was a pretty functional space, expected of somewhere that had it’s last renovation pre 1970s. It had a pretty large tub, blue tiles which were quite dated but I kind of liked. However, the tiles were just on the perimeter of the bath and the sink. If it wasn’t for the lead pipes, we would have used it until we were able to renovate it.

Back on the tiles, I did like the little tile soap tray! I think this bathroom could have been made bigger with better positioning of the bath tub, it literally took up the space of the whole room!

If I was to better this space as it is, I would change the shower! And the wall adjacent to the sink would have a super sized art in a gold frame. Throw in a tall green house plant and its manageable.

You will notice that there is no WC in the bathroom. The bathroom is at the front of the house whilst the toilet is at the rear of the house. The toilet space is very narrow but the very high ceiling really compensates.

Grateful as ever though to have had the opportunity to change it all.

You can check out our bathroom inspiration post on how we went about renovating this space.


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