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About Esther

Esther is a London based interior enthusiast and an event stylist. In secondary school, her art projects was a cross between spacial design and design for social change, notably gifted for her strong eye for design. Whilst completing her degree in social science, she started her career within the financial sector which build her strong analytical skills, which is ultimately left to carry out a capacity building project in the arts capital of Burundi. After then, she came back full circle to design for change, whilst honing in her personal aesthetics for classic timeless designing which is also reflected in her event styling. Whilst completing her family home do-er upper, she decided to share her own design stories and her motivations.

About the blog

This blog began to show how we went about renovating our very dated home and choosing design that exudes comfort and encourages you to tell your story. Home is a “come as you are” place, and should be reflect its habitants. We also share how we incorporate the history of the period arts and craft property in London into a modern setting, so something old and something new. We would say our design falls finely as refined traditional classic meets modern rustic.

It is a community for tastemakers and first time home owners who have a desire for design.

This blog is to share our renovation

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