Isabel’s Spring fun Birthday party theme is Cocospring-ing. It is going to be a spring, fun birthday party and here is my initial idea. How did I come to that theme? More importantly, since when did I fall in love with Spring? When my Cocospring was born last April! To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the beauty of spring but it has now become my favourite time of the year. Imagine, freshly cut grass, tulips, bird singing and use simply the feeling that everything is new! There is a new chance in life. A new opportunity.

According to Fiona Humberstone branding stylist, I am a winter-spring sort of person. I agree. I am drawn to luxury, dark colours like navy with copper or gold lines, but still want the fresh vibrancy around me like lots of white and greens. Anyways, my Cocospring unleashed a whole different colour spin on me. I mean, who would have thought that I would get an orange suitcase to pack my hospital bag or be attracted an orange neon ribbon? Or even watercolours (I am the a thousand layers sort of oil painting person)! You can read more about how the name Cocospring came about here.


Spring fun birthday party Cocospring

So Isabel did this very cute painting with neon orange acrylic paint, pink and gold glitter paint. Throw in the orange neon ribbon, that created the Cocospring’s birthday’s theme! Add her bespoke Alice Mary Lynch Doll, and you are sweet to go! I am going to do a series on the styling Cocospring’s 1st fun birthday party and I hope you can be inspired to do yours too!

spring fun birthday party alice mary lynch

Spring fun birthday party Cocospring Alice Mary Lynch Commission Doll

Stationery for fun birthday party

With the bunny, neon, Cocospring theme in mind, I quickly contacted Dami of Lish & Lou who designed our wedding stationery (oooh it was luxe, think silver foil, velvet and acrylic). She translated my ideas and made it even better. She illustrated a super cute bunny, added my new love for neon bows in there and a pink pompom! The outcome resulted in post that makes any receiver happy!

Spring fun birthday party Bunny Bespoke Children Invitation

Spring fun birthday party Cocospring Vellum Bunny Bespoke Children Invitation

Are you having a first birthday party and looking for a theme? Or are you planning a spring fun birthday party? Draw inspiration from your child’s favourite colour, toy, or bedtime story. Or in my case, the inspiration is from her affectionate name Cocospring. I would love to share your birthdays too so please get in touch and inspire others too!

So let the countdown begin!



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