Taken from Trisha’s Facebook Status:

“So now that the London 2012 games are over… That feel good factor has disappeared… Everyone has gone back to having a sour face on the train..,.. Jheeeze it hasn’t even been a week yet… London needs a spiritual rival… When you don’t have Christ living in you, you constantly need something eventful to fill a void and make u happy!!

Hey I’m still dancing !! Smile ppl it increases endorphins, which is a hormone that reduces stress and helps you have a positive well being!!!

It’s a painless treatment 🙂 :-)”

I mean, she took the words from my mouth. The buzz was contagious. I actually looked forward to going out, just to see a uniformed person smile, or a random lady tell me “We have another Gold!”

I could smile to the person opposite me and say hi, without them giving me the “get-me-away-from-her” look.

What has happened?!

UK, we need joy, not temporary happiness! Oh, that reminds me of sunday school definition of joy….Jesus first, Yourself Last and Others in between!


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