And he shall give Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam, who did sin, and
who made Israel to sin. (1 Kings 14:16 KJV)

What is my legacy?

You think of inventions, you think Isaac Newton. You think freedom from apartheid, you think Nelson Mandela. You think care, then Florence Nightingale. NOW, You think holocaust, and you think Hitler.

Question to self:

The world thinks __________, then Esther Ig. God says _____________, then that’s Esther.

What is your legacy?

How do we avoid impacting people’s negatively?
-life should be an open book
-practise what the word of God says
-take my stand
-say sorry when you have done wrong
-stop joking negatively

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. (2 Corinthians 5:10 KJV)


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