Teepees are sooo back in. Not that I know if they ever went out. Who cares. I never knew such fun existed until I discovered the world of nursery styling. Since then, teepees have been a big fond love of mine. Its a wonderful little ‘house’ to play, hide toys, read, you name it. For those who you may have to present a business case to get these to their partners, call it a reading nook! You too can get your hands on these little tents of adventure and imagination. Or, if you are extra special with your hands, you can make one too. Without further ado, here are our top 5 teepees (and tent!).

OUR TOP 5 TEEPEES AND TENT primary home string lights pom pom cushions

  1. Moozle Home

As you know, I love independent and supporting mamas. So, lets start with one remarkable mama (and papa) making such tent beauties, Moozle Home. They are the heirlooms of the teepees world for me. They have been around in the business of making attractive, safe teepees for the design conscious parents. Their teepees come in regular (for little one like Isabel), and big and midi for children older then 4 or if you have more than one child. We particularly love their unbleached plain cotton teepee. You can style it to your hearts content with garlands, bunting, pompoms, string lights and much more. If you have an older child, why not involve them in styling their little den? Yes, they ship worldwide.


Taken from Moozle Home.


2. Pericross Kid’s Teepee

For the chic lovers/ circusy/ gender neutral / bold but not bohemian types of folks, I present you this Pericross Teepee.  Black and white. Style with gold decals or black and white rugs. You can even add plush mogolian cushions for sensory experience and a sheepskin rug. The choice is endless. Grab yours from Amazon.


Image taken from Amazon.co.uk

3. Numero 74

Oooh, how cute is this teepee? It has little windows too that your little one can roll up and look into the world! Comes in different colours but grenadine and sunflower yellow has to to be our favourites. Style them with numero 74 cushions. Such beauties. I love the dark wood too! Available at Smallable.

OUR TOP 5 TEEPEES AND TENT Taken from smallable

Taken from Smallable

4. Ferm Living

This isn’t a teepee. It is tent, a cute hideaway tent in the house. It is grey. It has yellow accents. It will fit into most homes and not interrupt the decor. It looks easy to set out and pack away but enough to create  a reading oasis. Grab yours again at Smallable.

OUR TOP 5 TEEPEES AND TENT ferm living taken from smallable

taken from smallable

5.  MiniCampIt

When pompoms meet lace meet teepee, then you have a glorious explosion of a girly den! Its dreamy, its delicate. You can add ball lights along the edge, or tassels cushions or simply have a cream rug and books. Get yours from Etsy.



And that is it. At least for now. I am sure Isabel looks at this list approvingly!




  1. JSO
    April 7, 2016 / 3:40 pm

    I love these. I wish I had them growing up. Definately getting one, might be tempted to play in it too :p

    • cocospring
      April 7, 2016 / 5:30 pm

      i know!! I wish the same too! xx

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