Im Esther or Estee. Estee is the fond way my Ibibio/Efik aunties call me and I love it. Ibibio is my native language that stems from southeast Nigeria. I now live in south east London with John my better half and Isabel, my sweet baby. Most days is spent with a pencil and a notebook, scouting around interior shops, Instagramming, Pinteresting, trying to actually start up my start up, and running around Isabel.

10351165_10152239099978440_3547591839035196692_nCocospring stemmed from my nickname Coconut mixed with my love for Chanel, and added to the mix, my daughter’s due date being in Spring. I thought why not start putting all my ideas as an online journal, and here it is, my little escapism from the day to day which started March 2016. I believe in Christ, and He is the heartbeat to who I am today. I am all about finding my artistic calling by making parties (and weddings) and familyhood stylish; and keeping motherhood real and sane.


In a little nutshell, I am still finding my artistic calling.

10988275_10152782717788440_7551394005952677802_nIn secondary school, I thought I can be an actress. Now that would have been horror news to my Nigerian Parents so I thought being a Disney Cartoon Animator wouldn’t sound as bad. I lived and breathed art to the point that I was daydreaming that I stenciled around with Banksy. Or I became Julien Opie’s apprentice. I was designing strong advocacy posters and softened up my political views with some interior designing styling on paper. Moneyless, I would recreate my dream house in my mind, write it down and created an action plan. I would go to weddings and rethink how I can make the tablescape have a little more vivavoom! I was so engrossed in my creative world it influenced my analytical skills and made me ace other subjects. I later found myself in quantitative roles. I loved them, but you know how everyone has a side hustle, I had a side art hustle. For free. I would have even paid anyone to let me just be involved in their creative process. I had to emit my creative flow someway somehow, in any design project I could lay my eyes on. I was like a compressed can with pressure creative gas inside. One day, the can had to explode. That story is for another day. But here I am today, finding my calling and sharing it with you. Today, I’m an wedding and party stylist. I also have a design/art social enterprise. I empower eastern african artisans who make baskets by redesigning their heritage baskets, and selling them to you! You can check them out on Instagram.

11295824_10153092327983440_5009889914263796582_nI love to talk. Say heya to me via the following:

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(my wedding logo sketch by me, digitally drawn by Lish & Lou)

I told you I like to talk.

So here is more on me. I joined the coolest club called mamahood!

“Esther did marry her child/church-hood sweetheart. She met John in Sunday school class, despised him for a majority of tween/ teenager-hood as he did make it a duty to make her feel invisible. That didn’t last long because they become good msn messenger friends (the twilights of social media!) whilst Esther was finishing secondary school. After praying years later, the rest became history. They got happily married one very warm sunny summer day nearly two years ago.

To Esther and John’s denial, they found out Esther was pregnant two months later and that’s when reality hit that they were going to be parents! April 2015 brought the arrival of their life-changing baby after nearly three weeks past due date! After a quite eventful birth, and nothing going to plan in the birthing plan, Isabel made a pretty grand entrance, looking so much like Esther’s dad! John wept. One week later, it dawned on Esther that she was a mother and a new determination to life filled her. Since then, Esther has been loving and juggling motherhood, tried to maximize her maternity leave by studying, opening a social enterprise, styling events and constantly looking for opportunities to fill her desire for purpose.

Esther still wakes up in the night to stare at her Isabel because she can’t comprehend how God has blessed her to be mama to one girl who make her smile a zillion times a day.”

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